Last week I went to Valmalenco, near Sondrio, Italy, with Diego Antolini and Alessio Sargentini (The X-Plan Group) to investigate firsthand about the extraordinary events that have been occurring for several years in that valley, and around the Pizzo Scalino, a pyramid-shaped mountain top belonging to the Bernina Alps (Switzerland). I can definitely say that I have found a lot more than I ever dared to imagine.

Beside having experienced a particular episode which I will relay later in the future, I have had the opportunity to collect a lot of data and reports which have convinced me, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the area is the epicenter of such events that can radically defy common sense and reality, and that somehow worry the authorities of different countries, not only Italy. I am saying this because in several occasions military planes have been observed and photographed on that area. These crafts come from various countries and seem to be sent for the sole purpose of chasing unidentified flying objects, being progressively upgraded in type and technology. They started with the “traditional” planes (F/A 18, Saab Gripen, Typhoon, etc.), then with more modern types (US F-22 Raptor, seen and photographed in a time when they had never officially been redeployed in Europe), and finally unconventional air crafts (triangular-shaped, black models that can fly at incredibly high speed and are almost invisible to the naked eye; they apparently sport anti-gravitational technology very similar to those implemented in alleged black projects such as the legendary TR3-B).
I am going to talk about this in a future article both on NEXUS NEW TIMES and into our website, featuring outstanding images I received personally. My point today is: what makes the military air force of the Western countries frantically chase these objects (and, by doing so, breaking the Sound Barrier at low altitude, generating a sonic bang which put an entire city under shock), and releasing in the air not only the most advanced air crafts available, but also models that officially don’t exist, and of which we know basically nothing about?

On June 28 (which I mistakenly posted on FB as June 29), while shooting a video just outside the cabin where we were staying for the night, the photographs below have been taken, showing an object stationing in the sky right above us (the pictures show the date of June 25 but I have personally verified that the camera settings were off.)

Clearly “someone” was interested in our investigation. We had further confirmation of this later on, through an event even more incredible than this.

The images below have been taken during a conference Mauro Biglino held in the October of 2016. In one of the photographs you can see a curious “presence”, of which nobody in the room was aware of.

The photograph below was taken the night of June 29, during our presentation of the upcoming conference that Diego Antolini and myself will hold in Sondrio on July 26. On that night we will speak about these events, and we will also provide new details about the famous “Friendship Case”.

As you can see, we had someone attending our speech, with remarkable size, outfit and look! 
Our investigations continue, I’ll keep you posted...